Organizational Structure


Mr/ Ahmed Abdel Fattah Marzouk

Vice Chairman

Mr / Ashraf Abdel Fattah Marzouk

Financial Manager

Mr / Muhammad Magd

Vice Financial Manager

Mr / Fawzi Abdel Moneim

Head of personal Affairs

Mr / Muhammad Basioni / Mr. Islam Ali

Chief Accountant

Mr / Muhammad Yosri

Head of Internal Auditing

Mr / Mohsen Mahmoud

IT Manager

Eng / Amr Reda

Head of Branches Auditing

Mr / Diaa Farid

Head of Purchasing Dept.

Mr / Mustafa Hamza

Security Supervision

Mr/ Mahmoud Shehab

Factory Manager

Eng/ Taha Yousef

Production Manager

Mr/ El-Sayed Ibrahim

Quality Manager

Eng/ Ahmed Ismael

Maintenance Manager

Eng/ Saeed Abdel Malek

Safety and Health Manager

Mr/ Samy Almenshawy

Local Sales General Manager

Mr / Mohamed AbdElmonem

Export Manager

Mr/ Hussein Nawara