About us

Who We Are

Over time, AMMCO has founded in 1990  and developed to be specialized in the manufacturing & producing of  wafers, biscuits & Cakes under main brand name COMANDA, providing our customers with the highest quality products in the right time all the year time; using the latest production technology of European machineries.

AMMCO successfully could fully covers the local Egyptian market through wide channels of sales and distribution and taking an advanced market share; so that it is aiming  now to expand  its selling activities in the export markets; to Exploit its machinery production capacity and achieve an advanced markets share globally as a part of its sales strategy. So due to the after sales’ customer services we present, the competitive prices we offer & the products’ quality we provide, AMMCO brands are distributed in many Countries over Africa & middle East regions.

Our Policy

We commit to satisfy our customers’ needs of high quality and safe foods by selecting carefully our raw materials; maintaining our workers, saving the environment, and developing our products.

Our Vision

To become a leading manufacturer in the field of Biscuits & Cakes with the highest levels of Quality and food safety and to own larger market share locally & globally.


AMMCO has complete integrated supply and production chain, which means we have full control on our supplied production materials and we monitor and manage its quality to let our final products meet the global quality standard. And as one of our main principles is the food safety; we have a very tough production management practices to ensure the Excellence  of our products.

AMMCO considered to be one of few companies in Egypt such buyers can depend on us. The factory has equipped with modern Automated production machines which are able to produce a minimum 4 Million cartons annually, and we have experience to manage such volume.

AMMCO is certified by:

√ ISO 9001


√ ISO 22000

√ ISO 18001

√ ISO 14001

ISO 14001